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Negative beliefs about money

A note about Money

Money is interesting isn’t it? So much energy tied in to discussions and thoughts of money… when really it is just energy. Another energy we can learn to work with… an energy in which we can find a good feeling… Continue Reading →

A luxury you cannot afford is keep to wait for customers discover you

A person a few days ago, told me, “I really like what you do, but unfortunately, the coaching it is a luxury that, with the current recession, I can not afford.” The truth is that the luxury you cannot afford… Continue Reading →

How are YOU sabotaging your own success?

Which of the following statements ring true for you? You’re afraid to invest in yourself, for fear of losing money You dont’ believe in miracles, at least not long enough to let them into your life You don’t fully believe… Continue Reading →

Time to Practice Self-Wealth!

As my coach says, “Do you know those people who when they go to their friend’s house, always have to bring something?” These people find hard to show themselves without bringing something “with”. On their own, they think aren’t valuable… Continue Reading →

Money as a form of energy

But what is money?  Money is an important symbol of agreement. We agree to exchange money with a huge variety of products and services, and we agree, with each transition, about a perceived value of the product or service in… Continue Reading →

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