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Limiting Beliefs

A belief is something which we have a feeling of certainty about. These beliefs come from our social environment, the media, loved ones, and authority figures.

We are all victims of our own stereotypes about aging and health

As we move through life, we tend to accumulate body tensions and rigidity. Blocked emotions, negative thoughts, and limited beliefs settle in our bodies as stiffness, congestion, and constriction. When we become aware of these blocks, we are able to… Continue Reading →

Limiting Beliefs about Aging part #6

Life after 50 can be the best time of my and your life Train and plan to be a successful, healthy, active, joyful 100- years-old and you will. If you believe it, you can achieve it! The next time I’ll… Continue Reading →

Limiting Beliefs about Aging part #5

These messages have had a profound effect on how previous generations have aged, no one can deny it! But we, baby boomers, we intend to follow this old path? Although, according to science and modern medicine, our life expectancy has… Continue Reading →

Limiting Beliefs about Aging part #4

A few commonly used terms that reinforce these negative attitudes and beliefs and influence feelings and behaviors about getting old include: Gerontophobia – refers to “unreasonable fear and/or irrational hatred of older people.” (Palmore, 1972). Aging Anxiety – refers to… Continue Reading →

Limiting Beliefs about Aging part #3

The society, generally, sees these limiting beliefs about aging as facts of life and young people accept these negative beliefs about aging as “official”, since these are just sanctioned by the society in which they live. The aging process seems… Continue Reading →

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